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What is the Ace System?

The Ace System is the outcome of developing an affordable, consistent, scientific approach to player management, training and coaching. This process provides standardized methods and curriculum for group coaching and training programs.

The Ace System is based on analytics, specific intentions, long-term athlete development and sound educational principles, while providing consistent curriculum and program delivery in different locations by various coaches.

Developed by a team of certified coaches, the ACE System’s approach fosters a greater understanding for the coaches, the players and their parents which results in optimizing all resources in a player’s development.

The ACE System maximizes the long-term development and performance level of players aged 5- 15 through a comprehensive, integrated, progressive, systematic and scientifically based approach:
Long-term development
Respecting athlete growth and development principles as outlined in the Tennis Canada guidelines.
An approach which maximizes the development of the player through a coordinated athlete-centered team through:
A training program which addresses all required components of the player’s development:
An approach through annual planning cycles which regroups required skills development in a way to maximize the player’s development.
The content of the five annual plans in the Pathway is based on the evolution of required skills from one program to the next.
An approach in which the coach duplicate in different locations while providing information to the player and education to the parents
Scientific-based approach
The ten-year Pathway develops the eventual player profile based on analytics, results in no red flags and provides the basis for the implementation of the player’s game style through the player management approach.

efficient approach to development


What are the goals of the Ace System?

annual plan subdivided into cycles

How is the ACE System achieved?

Complementary information

Scientific principles

What is the Ace System based on?

Scientific principles
Complementary information
Player Management System

What is the Player Management System?

The Approach: Complementing a group training approach with a player management team. This Team supports a “Player centered approach” for competitive players fully committed to their development.
The path

The Ace System Pathway

The High Performance Pathway below is related to skill level rather than age. Clubs and Academies can adjust their own Pathway by using the preferred program designation: